When you have your Favorites on one computer and need to transfer them to another computer, you can export them and then import them on the second computer. Follow these steps to export your Favorites.  These directions are for Internet Explorer 8 ... if you have a different version of Internet Explorer, the directions may vary somewhat but the concept is basically the same.
1. From within your Internet Explorer window, click "File" on the top Menu bar.
2. Click "Import and Export."

3. The Import/Export Settings window opens and you should click "Import from a file" and click "Next."

4. Click to highlight the Favorites then click "Next."

5. Click to highlight the Favorites folder on your computer (it should be at the top of the list). Then click "Next."

6. Choose where you want to save this file... probably to a jump drive so that you can keep it to import on the new computer... or save to your desktop so that you can email it to yourself for when you are ready to import on the new computer.  Then click "Export."

7.When the file has finished Exporting  you will see the window below... click "Finish."

8. Now that you have exported your Favorites, you can move the file to the new computer by saving it to a CD, a jump drive, or emailing the file to yourself. Once you have access to your file named "bookmark.htm" on the new computer you will use the same Import/Export process, but this time you will be Importing your Favorites.
12. Just repeat the directions 1-7 above but now you are Importing your bookmark.htm file instead of exporting.

This page was last updated on Saturday, May 07, 2011.

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