Lisa Genco's first graders at Independence Elementary are some of the first students in Tangipahoa Parish School System to receive the six new nComputing stations in their classrooms.

Video Conferencing with Tucker Elementary & Hammond Westside Upper

SchoolTech Facilitator Amy Ard at Tucker Elementary and Instructional Technology Facilitator Colette Taillon at Hammond Westside Upper worked with second graders and sixth graders to set up video conferencing. Two classes in two different towns were able to work with each other via the video conferencing equipment in their classrooms. The sixth graders in Ms. Yolanda William's third hour class were researching the history of Mardi Gras, so they read Gaston Goes to Mardi Gras to the second graders. After listening to the story the second graders created Mardi Gras masks in Kid Pix then called back the sixth graders over the video conferencing equipment and shared their creations with a parade of masks.

Brian, an ESL student in Sandy Daniel's second grade class at Midway Elementary uses the new grant computer in the classroom to work on a language skills assignment .


Students in Juanita Lee's Computer class at Ponchatoula Junior High created advertisements for Computer Output Devices. Students had to research prices, describe features of the device, and explain what made their device better than others.

Algebra I Online in TPSS


Forty eighth graders at Champ Cooper and Nesom Middle School are taking Algebra I Online from Louisiana Virtual School. Students are using computers, Graphing Calculators, CBL (Calculator Based Labs) with Probes, Digital Tablets, and Jump Drives to work through their online lessons.
Nesom Middle teacher Patty Huang and Champ Cooper teacher Amy Dunn are facilitating these classes in their schools'  computer lab.

Martha Vinyard Elementary School held Technology night on April 19, 2007.  Carol Fornea, Vinyard teachers, and the students showed a huge crowd of parents and visitors how they use technology to help them in the classrooms.

Fifth graders at Vinyard used digital pictures to "Swing into Spring" in their hallways. Jill Foster's and Cynthia Diebold's students created the swings and flowers to create the fabulous display.

Stephanie Sims sixth graders at Roseland Elementary created Mystery PowerPoints about Greece. Click here to see their PowerPoint projects.

Jill Foster's fifth graders at Vinyard Elementary are reading stories about Paul Revere and the 1940s. They are creating fact cards and pop-up book suitcases on the computer using activities that Mrs. Foster learned in TangiTech Social Studies.


Richelle Votaw's first graders at O.W. Dillon completed an Internet scavenger hunt that Ms. Votaw constructed in TangiTech 2 with the help of Jessica Dupuy's 6th graders. All the students benefited from this technology activity. Congratulations on a job well done!

After gathering all the ocean facts from their scavenger hunt, the students created "fan books" to use as a study guide for their unit test. Ms. Votaw's first graders are techie ocean experts!!!

Stephanie Sim's class at Roseland Elementary used Microsoft Word to complete a paragraph about their imaginary journey to Egypt after completing the Social Studies chapter on Egypt. If you look closely at picture of Clifford, you will see his face on the Sheik using the Funhouse Software. The students also made mummies out of empty paper towel rolls and tissue.

High School TangiTech


On the first day of class, teachers worked in centers to complete Thinking Maps by naming the Cajun music played on a PowerPoint, learned Cajun Dancing from a video, used calculators to plan a Cajun Fais-do -do, figured out how much ingredients were needed to cook for 100 people, and played Louisiana Politics answering questions about Louisiana in order to gain votes in hopes of becoming governor.

Click here to see the PowerPoint that Krystle Fedele's First Graders
 at Tucker Elementary created.

Open House at Woodland Park Early Learning Center

Latashala Thomas's Kindergarteners at Woodland Park Early Learning Center created these Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater projects with their digital pictures. Support Teacher Jean Veasey helped the students complete the pumpkins to get ready for the parents to visit.

Constitution Day

Click on the picture to see the PowerPoint created by Stephanie Sims' sixth graders.

Hurricane Katrina by Becky Johnson's students at Loranger Elementary

Click here to see the PowerPoint that students created about Hurricane Katrina.

After attending TangiTech Social Studies, Stephanie Sims, guided her sixth graders in creating suitcase projects using a PowerPoint pop-up book pattern. Students did research on China and Japan and then completed "Our Journey To China & Japan" suitcases.

Kayla Lamonte's sixth graders at West Side Middle School created Riddle Books using a PowerPoint template. The riddles are kept in a basket for Mrs. Lamonte to use as time fillers or "early finishers" to quiz each other with.

Stephanie Sims' sixth graders at Roseland Elementary created Circle Books on China and Japan.

Geocaching with GPS

Gifted and Talented Students in Michelle Mount's class at West Side Middle School recently worked with SchoolTech Facilitator Melissa Ryan using GPS (Global Positioning System) units. Mrs. Ryan received a grant to purchase 5 GPS units that help students learn geography skills of latitude and longitude in geocaching activities.

Amber Gardner's First Graders at Tucker Elementary

First grade students in Mrs. Amber Gardner's class at Tucker Elementary took digital camera pictures of each other.  Using KidPix, students painted rosy red elf cheeks on their pictures .... just like Santa's elves at the North Pole.  In pairs, students used Microsoft Word to write stories of how they would help Santa during Christmas.  After printing their pictures and stories, students created helpers for Santa!!!

Carmen Brabham's First Graders at Amite Elementary

Mrs. Brabham's First Graders practiced the poem, broke it into stanzas and drew their mental images. Carmen recorded the students reading the poem and then put this PowerPoint together. Technology Integration at its finest!!

Linda Morel's Second Graders at Amite Elementary

Students made Fact Flippers to help study for a Social Studies test.

David Duval, computer technician for TPSS Technology Department is always happy to lend his expert technological assistance in classrooms throughout the school system. He recently addressed a computer problem in Debbie Richardson's First Grade Class at Loranger Elementary. He instantly became a "Valentine Friend" with the students and joined them around the "Valentine Friend Tree" for a snapshot. Thanks Bunches, Mr. Dave!!!!!

Denise Cowell's Digital Picture Bulletin Board

Ms. Cowell's students took digital pictures of themselves in different positions for this snowy scene bulletin board in their hallway at O.W. Dillon Elementary.

Linda Morel's Second Graders at Amite Elementary

Click on the stories above and read the great Polar Express stories that students created.

Students take turns reading their stories to their classmates and have a pajama party while watching the movie Polar Express.

Krystle Fedele's First Graders at Tucker Elementary


Krystle Fedele's first graders at Tucker Elementary rotate in and out of classroom computers daily to complete technology activities and projects. Scanner collages for Christmas presents, Internet scavenger hunts and door hangers for their rooms are just some of the technology integration that happens in this classroom.

Julie Neidhamer's First Graders at Tucker Elementary

Students created pictures in KidPix and then with the help of Mentor Teacher Colette Taillon and Ms. Neidhamer, they created a PowerPoint presentation of their story. Click here to see this excellent project.

Krysti Byers at Vinyard Elementary

Krysti  Byers' classes at Vinyard Elementary showed off their creative side by completing scanner collages and acrostic poems to display for Open House.

Digital Pictures Bulletin Board

Wanda McElveen's class at O.W. Dillon Elementary in Kentwood, used their digital pictures to create a bulletin board outside their classroom to welcome their new friends from Hurricane Katrina.

Stephanie Sims at Roseland Elementary


Stephanie Sims at Roseland Elementary uses her Digital Camera and skills she learned in TangiTech #2 to create displays and materials for her classroom.

The Class Bouquet was made with digital pictures of the students in Mrs. Sims' class.

The Happy Harvest pumpkin is filled with pictures of the students dressed as scarecrows using Fun House software.

Study Boxes at O. W. Dillon Elementary

Wanda McElveen's sixth graders are getting ready to take "The U.S. Constitution Test."   Students each created a study box using the PowerPoint template that Ms. McElveen learned in TangiTech #2.  Then they used Microsoft Word to type their review questions about the Constitution. The pictures below show these "techie" sixth graders working cooperatively as they prepare for their test.



State Brochures by D.C. Reeves Fourth Graders

Janet Haydel's fourth graders in Ponchatoula are busy creating state brochures in PowerPoint.  Each student researched Louisiana and did a brochure to learn how to copy pictures from the internet. They also learned how to change and personalize WordArt. Finally, they learned how to insert a clip art to symbolize something from their state on their map. Mrs. Haydel says "They are really doing well on this." Click here to see two samples of these technology projects.

Samantha's State Brochure (pdf)
Ned's State Brochure (pdf)

Wanda McElveen's students at O.W.Dillon Elementary created a technology project "The House of Idioms."
Click on thumb nails to see pictures enlarged.



Guess Who Zoo at Independence Elementary - Ashley Penton's first graders created a "Guess Who Zoo" on their classroom door for Open House. Parents had to unscramble names and find their children disguised as animals. Click here for more pictures of these great technology/art projects by the talented first graders.

Ms. Cynthia Chatelain's and Ms. Helen Bahm's students at Vinyard Elementary use PowerPoint to create Solar System Fan Books and Electronic Book Reports.


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