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Standing: Patsy Frazier, Sheila Luther, Rosa Dupuy...
Seated: Deborah Rivers, Patricia Alford

Rosa Dupuy - Coordinator of Payroll Services 

Sheila Luther - Payroll
Debora Rivers - Insurance/Retirement
Patsy Frazier - Insurance/Retirement
Employee Information Line - 985-748-2450


Teacher Salary Schedule 2011-12

Employees who have any payroll questions should do
 one of the following:

E-mail your questions to payroll@tangischools.org .(For those employees who use web-based e-mail, go to www.tangischools.org and click on the e-mail link to login...Create a new message and in the To: field type in payroll@tangischools.org and then "Payroll Question" in the Subject: field. Down in the body of the message type your questions. Don't forget to include all the contact information that is listed on the Payroll Inquiry Form (below). Click "Send" to submit your questions.

Online Payroll Inquiry Form - click here to submit an online payroll inquiry if you have questions or problems with your check.


Download the Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form (pdf) - click on the link and "Open" it, then print, fill in the information, sign, attach a voided check, and mail to the Payroll Department or deliver in person.

Form W-4 - Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate

Form L-4 - Employee Withholding Exemption  Certificate


Address/Payroll Deduction Change Form (pdf) to print


Address Payroll Deduction Change Form (excel) to type, then print

ING Change Form (Word) (pdf)


Travel Reimbursement Rates 2011-2012


Employee/ Sub Corrections Form  - MS Word or PDF file

Payroll Calendar for 2011-12

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