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Directions for Installing TM Software version 2.0

Mr. Calvin Page’s classes at Crystal Academy were using Thinking Maps to learn more about polygons.  Students created their own Thinking Maps defining different polygons (Triangle, Rectangle, and Trapezoid).  The students were also working with algebraic expressions.  Students used Thinking Maps to compare algebraic expressions and numerical expressions and to determine the effect an algebraic expressions have on a number.

Melba Johnson, author of Write for the Future, trained middle school teachers in Write from the Beginning and Write for the Future for two days at C.M. Fagan.


Vickie Welch, Tangipahoa F.I.R.S.T. Support Teacher, works with students in Mrs. Milton's Kindergartener class at Perrin Early Learning Center and other classrooms using Thinking Maps with the books
The Polar Express
and I Know an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Pie.

Write from the Beginning and Write for the Future

Write from the Beginning TOTs were recently treated to a collection of 135 literature selections that will be used in conjunction with this writing program.  Secretary Patricia Porter and Custodian Willie Imes at C.M. Fagan Special Service Center worked diligently to put together 40 rolling carts to store the literature collections in and unboxed, inventoried and distributed over 5500 literature books to teachers who completed the Write from the Beginning TOT training in May.


Summer Training Pics


Margaret Harris, Thinking Maps consultant, reviewed maps and some new ideas for implementation in the classroom. She also reviewed the frame of reference with teachers in all content areas and introduced frame of understanding. Margaret commented about the widespread use of Thinking Maps at Hammond High School and the progress the school has made this past year. She was very impressed with the secondary English teachers' use of Write for the Future.

Students in Ms. Lori Jones' class at Independence Middle School create a Double Bubble map for the Wizard of Oz. Students read the story in their Reading class and then watched the movie to compare each. The students' most common comparison was that in the book, Dorothy had silver shoes, and in the movie she had red shoes. Jose', works on his creative writing skills while working on the computer during class. Click on the thumbnails below to see the pictures enlarged.

Hammond Westside Upper students, Shacari and Alkena display their Tree Maps of nouns.

Holy Ghost eighth graders Sarah and Barrett display their tree maps. Circle maps made by other eighth graders are in the background.

Holy Ghost Pre-K students made flow maps to show the life of a pumpkin.

Vickie Welch's Third Graders at D.C. Reeves Elementary use Bubble Maps to describe themselves and then publish their Thinking Maps on the computer.

Vickie Welch's third graders at D.C. Reeves Elementary in Ponchatoula are busy using Thinking Maps in every aspect of their learning day. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is being read and studied as part of enrichment class. Flow maps and Double Bubble Maps have been completed by learning partners, as well as lots of creative art projects.

Hammond Eastside Upper Starts First Day of School with Thinking Maps- The 5th and 6th grade students at Hammond Eastside Upper began their Thinking Maps work the FIRST DAY of school. Take a look at the thinking maps the students constructed that are on display in the halls. Great Job!!!

Thinking Maps on display in hall at HEU

Take a look at all the great learning that took place during the month of July at Thinking Maps training in Tangipahoa Parish School System.
Click on the picture to see it enlarged.

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